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Toon Blast Cheats 2018-2019

Toon Blast is apopular and enjoyable cartoon puzzle games in the format of adventure. ToonBlast is a developed by Peak Games and available for Android and iOS. ToonBlast is very fun to play and already downloaded for million times. Toon Blast Hack 2018 offers a charming gameplay but it also has some in-app purchases issues. Thisarticle aims to provide a general review on Toon Blast game with some tips or toon blast hack on the gameplay.

Free to Play?

The free to playtitle of Toon Blast Cheat, to some extent, is an exaggerating claim. Many usersconsider Toon Blast to be very expensive to play due to in-app purchases. Inother hands, the in-app purchases are almost inevitable to get the premiumsense of the Toon Blast Hack Coins. So, it’s understandable that there are many toon blast cheats available online. Well, it shouldn’t have been the first point but yetit’s the main concern of former and future players of Toon Blast.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Toon Blast matching the color of puzzle blocks. In Toon Blast 1, these blocksbe broken and falling out everytime they have the same colors. Basically, thegameplay is the same for each level. However, they have different goals orobjectives. Each level is played to complete different goals including thenumber of colored blocks should be eliminated, bubbles, crates, and so forth.Clearing the blocks and popping the bubbles are surprisingly very addicting.You may spend up to hours to enjoy the gameplay.

Some changes are brought to Toon Blast 2, where you’re able to build the block first before clearing them up. Once there are more matched colored blocks, they’ll be destroyed by massive explosions. In order to get more matched blocks, you may apply a strategy at your own discretion. Whatever your tactical strategy, the gameplay would be the same. However, some uncomfortable changes have appeared starting from the Toon Blast 3 regarding the premium stuff purchases.

How to get Free Coins currency in Toon Blast?

Coins are the ToonBlast in-game currency. You can use the coins to redeem specific stuff whichcan improve your play. You can acquire the coins everytime you complete leveland achievements or you can order packs of coins through the in-apppurchases  Another way is to get toonblast free coins through extensive grinding. You can consider learning how to hack toon blast specifically to get the coins cheat.

Toon Blast hack 2018

Purchasing forcurrency is actually not necessarily required to get into the gameplay in ToonBlast 1 & 2 as you can still experience the sense of free-to-play in theseversions. However, it doesn’t work that way for Toon Blast 3. In the Toon Blast 3, you’ll have to spend 100 coins or $2 of real money to get five lives or fiveattempts to clear the colored blocks. You’ll have to spend more on items likedisco balls which can cost you up to 250 coins per three quantities and it’sequal to $5 of real money. The premium excitement offered by Toon Blast couldbe very expensive since some packages can cost up to $100 of real money.

Non-Premium Solution

Despite the cost issues, Toon Blast is still ambiguously approved for a free-to-play game. Toon Blast actually doesn’t force you to purchase any lives as you can acquire it back from the live timer. At this point, you’ll have to wait to get attempts which makes you have a more limited attempts within a day. You can also get some eligible items each time you complete the achievement but you require more time. Some players may just enjoy grinding on the levels without excessively purchasing items.

However, you canstill play Toon Blast for free and enjoy some fun even without such premiumpurchases. Two things you can do, manage your coins and hold purchases untilyou’re completely stuck in certain levels. In the newest updates, some chestsare containing perks seems to be available in the Toon Blast gameplay. Thisway, you wouldn’t have to spend real money for anything. It’s not easy either,that’s why you may consider toon hack ios for your iPad or iPhone.

Number of Levels

The latest version, Toon Blast 4 has 120 levels in total. That would be weeks of efforts especially when you go strictly free-to-play. Manage your strategy and currency well, it’s not impossible to complete all the levels. Otherwise, you may try toon hack android to get a better Toon Blast game experience in your smartphone or tablet.


In the latest update, you can team up with up to 50 Toon Blast players from around the world. Despite the social excitement of this mode, it also allows you can get lives from other players who want to help you or share yours for other team members who need it badly. Depending on your team, joining a team could be the solution especially when you’re lack of lives most the time.

Almost a Perfect Game For Kids

If you’ve been playing Toon Blast for a while, you should know that the game is almost perfect for kids. The gameplay, graphics, and other elements are completely safe, playable, and enjoyable for kids. However, there is one thing which makes Toon Blast “flaw” as a kid game, the Facebook integration. It requires a supervising task if you want Toon Blast played by your kids. Otherwise, you need a third party monitoring software to allow your kids playing it when you’re at a distance.

Another chance ofimperfection is when they’re asking for real money to redeem the cannon ballsor get more lives. You can either grant their wishes or apply toon blast cheats to provide them with more accesses.

General Thoughts

Peak Games has wisely responded to the demands through the newest updates. You can learn how to hack toon blast or simply manage your currency well to complete the levels. Considering the colorful appeals, fun gameplay, easy user interface, and control, Toon Blast is one of the best free-to-play puzzle match available in the marketplace.